Doppios Organic Coffee

Doppios offers a full range of coffee and coffee drinks made from organically grown, fair trade coffee.  We pride ourselves in quick, efficient andfriendly service.  Track us down around town and start your day off right.

Coffee for the Masses

Wine, beer or coffee, there are casual drinkers and there are those who can be obnoxious and elitist about it.  Look at a wine list from a restaurant with more than two $$ on Yelp and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Even the menu at Starbucks, a chain that is ubiquitous has words on it that are unfamiliar to most people outside of the context of their menu.  This is true, in part, because they simply made them up and because terms such as macchiato have their roots in Italian coffee houses. 

Our philosophy is simple, we don’t believe that coffee should be intimidating and we don’t believe it should be impersonal.  We are often asked, “What would I like?”  in most cases, we’ve just met and I have no idea.  However, we typically follow up with, “what do you typically drink?”

Coffee is a difficult thing.  It is very personal.  The quality of their food aside, the genius of McDonalds is the fact that you can get a Big Mac in Denver and it will be identical to a Big Mac in Boston.  Coffee is similar except people expect their 16 oz triple shot latte, with 2 pumps caramel to be identical at Starbucks and at the independent shop in the trendy neighborhood.  At Doppio’s we strive to give our customers what they want without the pretentious barista.