Doppios Organic Coffee

Doppios offers a full range of coffee and coffee drinks made from organically grown, fair trade coffee.  We pride ourselves in quick, efficient andfriendly service.  Track us down around town and start your day off right.

Triple Certified Organic Coffee



     We pride ourselves on the coffee we serve, it is our lifeblood both of our business and what keeps us and others in Denver going in the morning.  While we are proud to be the last step before the we hand you the cup our coffee takes an extensive journey before it ever sets foot on our truck.  Let's take for example our Aztec Dark.   It is one of our signature coffees which we brew on a daily basis.  The beans for the Aztec Dark are Bourbon and Typica varieties of the Arabica bean grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico at an eleveation of 45,000'-5,4000'.  The beans are grown by one of hundreds of members of the Cooperative Indigenes de la Sierra Madre de Motozintla, a Fair Trade Coop made up of descendants of the Mayan and other native tribes.  This co-op works together to access markets, share technical knowledge and resources and fight poverty in their often exploited communities.   Buying through this cooperative benefits over 8,000 family members in the long term by creating a sustainable economy.

     The conditions under which these coffees are grown are under strict scrutiny.  In order to obtain a USDA Organic Certification for Coffee there are specific criteria which must be met.  First, the land that the coffee is grown on cannot be treated with artificial pesticides or chemicals, at least for the past 3 years.  In addition to this that the operations must not negatively affect the soil or water quality in the surrounding area.  Often this involves crop rotation to prevent the degradation of soil quality.  No synthetic fertilizers or GMO's can be used and mitigation of pests and disease must be must also be done in a way that protects natural resources.

     Beyond the conditions which the coffees are grown there is the plantation/farm itself.  While many of us don't want harmful farming practices to affect ourselves, in an ideal world we wouldn't want disruption to other species as well.  The USDA Organic Certification provides for that to an extentby not allowing pollution or artificial pesticides into environment through farming practices.  The Smithsonian Institute's Migratory Bird Certification goes a step further.  The Migratory Bird Certification requires that the coffee is grown under conditions that allow a safe haven for birds to travel to in the winter, live and nest.  Many of these are the same species these farms accommodate spend their summer right here in the front range.  It is highly possible that while hiking you were serenaded by the same bird that spends its summer where your coffee was grown.

For more information on organic certifications visit these organizations below.

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center- Learn about the types of birds protected and participating farms, roasters and their practices

 USDA Organic Certification - Learn about the steps to become organic certified and practices of growers.

FairtradeUSA - Learn how this certification is awarded to growers and buyers who are able to work together to support families througout coffee growing regions.